Sunday, October 4, 2009

Steady as she goes

There has been a lot of rain this week, so we`ve spent little time in the yard. However, Mike has been busy building a piano bench for the girls and working in the greenhouse while I`ve done fall harvest. The yard is starting to look barren and the colours are changing. Inside the greenhouse however, life is starting anew.

Mike has been bubble wrapping the inside to preserve heat. We have no frost yet, but expect to have some any day. I planted a crop of cold tolerant greens, spinach and cilantro, which have sprouted well. They are growing slowly this week as there has been no sun at all, but did well last week when temperatures in the greenhouse ranged from 35-11. I am not sure how well the new greens will do, but I am excited about the experiment.

Here`s a look at our yard in early Oct. It includes pictures of the bubble wrap and things growing in the greenhouse.

The cold storange continues to get fuller as Mike cans tomatoes. After the first frost, we`ll bring in potatoes, a few more onions and the rest of the tomatoes. Well also dig the carrots and beets, but we`ll let the parsnips winter over in the garden. This week we`ll also plant the garlic and dig up the glad bulbs for winter storage in the basement.


  1. The garden is really wet right now. It would be a lot easier to extracate the potatoes and the last of the other veggies if it would sun up for a few days.

  2. Looks great - you should post pics of your storage area when all that work is done for the season. Are those greens in the greenhouse growing in the ground? or in pots?