Monday, July 3, 2017

Good kind of Frozen

A month ago, we hefted our old freezer upstairs and moved the last of the frozen things from last year (cherries, apples, zucchini) into a new freezer we got from a friend. It was a big commitment because we had to downsize, but with Leo gone and Anwyn leaving in a year, it seemed like good timing.  I sorted through everything in our old 1970s freezer, which had with light and a hinge that no lolonger held the door open. Since I was downsizing to a freezer half the size, I told myself I was doing well to let some food I had grown and processed go.  Carrying it up the stairs was an epic odyssey of skids and door removal for the whole family, and we were all revealed when we heaved into the trailer. Mike ripped the door off so no child could be trapped in it, and it was ready to go to the dump.  In the end, I was glad to see it go.

The new freezer had an exciting hum, was small, and fit well. Unfortunately, it did not work well and over the period of three days everything in it defrosted.  I was sad about the veggie burgers, baking, and especially the ice cream, but what I really missed having all the things made and ready to go, and having all the home grown produce I had. We are always making smoothies with our frozen berries, our own pesto, and pies.  Having no freezer was a big deal to me because it cut off the bounty. You know you have an excessively strong relationship with food when...

Since we were buying a new freezer, we decided to avoid our usual used appliance (I didn't want another failure) and buy a new energy star appliance.  It helped me feel like less environmental damage came from throwing out two freezers. We priced out various models and got a stand up one which is large and nice, but a bit loud.   All of this corresponded with the early crops in the garden.  We had no freezer when we ate asparagus and all the early herbs, and I would not have frozen my lettuces. But just in time, the freezer arrived to store homemade pesto, haskap blueberry chutney and jam, and a large ziploc of  rhubarb. It is funny how happy it makes me to see each item go in. If it were not for my environmental streak I might hold the door open just to see the awesome.

I just got off work three days ago, and two days ago Mike finished the city walk, so I was driving and working more the loving the yard.  But today and yesterday I spent the morning out there, loving the flowers, reading, and picking berries.  I can already feel the rhythm, with iris finishing and peony in full bloom, just as the lilies are starting. You can enjoy the views with my yard by looking at Mike's photos. Each spot I go, I think about what it will be like over the summer and what I'll enjoy about when I eat the bounty in the winter.

I love the yard.  The food and flowers are an unbeatable combination and the space is tranquil and relaxed. Now that the freezer is up and going and the caner is ready, I can enjoy the best kind of frozen that fruit and veggies can have.

On Saturday, the city walk day dawned misty, and I sat out on the back patio and watched layers of the yard gradually come in to view.  It reminded me how much I enjoy my gardens and love time to myself with the plants and the quiet.

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