Sunday, April 11, 2010

Still growing

The first part of this week was spectacular weather, and since I was off school, I expected to get lots of gardening done. However, I had my right hand wisdom teeth out, and then developed dry socket in both extraction points. This slowed me down a bit. I could work slowly for an hour or so, then lay down for two. Just like my mother, I worked every time I felt a bit better and may have extended my infection just a tad.

On Thursday, I was out in the greenhouse re-potting in one of these times of feeling better. I had the girls help me plant some upside-down tomatoes and planted artichokes, green onions and cucumbers. I also re-potted a number of my perennials, and my astilbe are even ready to bloom already. I have so many plants that they don't fit in my grow table anymore. I moved some tomatoes and all my perennials up to the sliding door area so then can have the most light possible. I am nervous about their proximity to the cats, who love to graze on a little green, especially in the spring.

By Friday, the lovely weather I had been enjoying was gone. 90 km hour winds and snow made it pretty unpleasant to be outside. I haven't been out to check the spinach and cilantro that had been doing well in the greenhouse, but I have a bad feeling. Luckily, Mike had added a hook and eye lock to the door of the greenhouse, which the wind and/or our cat Pip had a habit of opening. The outside of the greenhouse seems unscathed, although our phone went down and large branches fell on the canoe. I wish I could say the same for the tarp that roofs the girls' fort. Mike had also attached the rain barrels, so we hope the taps aren't damaged by the heavy frost.

In about 10 days, I will need to start the various gourds - but I am nervous about space under the grow light. I will be gone to Teela and Peff's at that point to help when my new niece arrives, so I guess it will be Mike's problem!


  1. All under control. Yep. No worries here!

  2. Nice thought on cat proofing the greenhouse! I would never have thought of them eating your new plants.

  3. Yes, they love to nibble on greens.