Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy growing in the basement

About ten days ago we had unusual spurt of very warm weather. I used that time to do a little potting in the greenhouse in 26 degree greenhouse, and by now, most things are up. I did a flat of tomatoes, but most of my other planting was flowers. Every year I buy about $200 in bedding plants of various flowers, and this year I am hoping to buy less than $100. As a result I had lots to plant.

I planted three Astible, a feathery pink shade plant. I am hoping to put them in three shade spots along the north fence. I also planted a variety of lilies and day lilies, which I will put in the front and back yards in various places. I have quite a few lilies in the front, but these are mostly orange. Now I have some reds and yellows, so I can round out my warms. I also planted a number of annuals, I am particularly excited about the impatients and pansies.

To my surprise, the plants I put into the greenhouse (spinach, cilantro and rocket) are living through temperatures as low as -11, which means Mike's insulation work went well. They aren't really growing, which means it really is to early to put them in there, but it is still an interesting experiment. I think they are living because they are in the ground.

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  1. I recently repaired the door. I added some weather stripping and planed the door jamb to make it open and close better. Have to add a stronger latch now -- it keeps blowing open when the wind is strong. Not good when it drops to -11C. On the upside, I've hit temperaturesof 37C already this year. It was +16 that day.