Sunday, May 8, 2011

So Much Fun

Mike and I are so exhausted but happy after a busy weekend in the yard.  It has been cold and windy all week long, but this weekend we got some sun and only 20km winds, so we enjoyed the time in the yard as much as we possibly could.

I was wrong that my first flower would be a chive.  The buds are almost ready to flower, but the first flower was actually on my strawberries. I found it yesterday when transplanting some that had crept into the garden from the berry patch. My asparagus are up (two tips so far) and about 5 cm tall. I also have buds on my grape hyacinths, which did not bloom last year. My violets are also blooming.

I spent a happy afternoon Saturday transplanting in the greenhouse, expanding the front flower bed by lifting grass and doing spring transplants.  Mike got 4 van loads of rocks from James, so I also spent time re-building the dry steam bed and placing new rocks around the yard.  Mike expanded his rock paths and built me two stone benches, one in the front and one in the back. Leora and Anwyn both helped lift the turf, and Leora also removed some bricks and replaced them with rocks. Anwyn trimmed the four clematis and they both mowed the backyard. I mowed the front (around the rocks Mike was storing on the lawn) and my elderly neighbor's yard.

This evening as I was bringing in laundry off the line, I was so happy I actually stopped and gazed at the yard.  Mike and I are both sore but happy - nothing like a workout that actually accomplishes something.  I'll post pictures next time when the main path is done and things are starting to bloom.


  1. This is so exciting. I can't wait to see it done and get tours of the garden in the summer!

  2. Thanks Anna - are you planting your boxes this year?

  3. A few corrections:
    -4 asparagus tips
    -5 van-loads of rocks
    -my pumpkins were blooming 1st -- woot! Wen says stuff in the greenhouse doesn't count :(
    -you totally forgot to mention that my forearms currently burn with the unrelenting heat of a thousand suns.

  4. Mom just alerted me that you had asked me a question here (she still has your blog bookmarked!).

    Yes, I did plant my boxes this past long weekend. And so far, all my plants survived yesterday's almost-frost. I still have 1 square left to plant and I wanted to plant kale, but I can't find a seed packet for it. I'll have to look around some more I guess.