Sunday, August 14, 2011

Making time

Yesterday, Mike and Heidi left for Calgary (Mike is going to climb mountains with Dave in Canmore). Greta, Gus and Max arrived the day before, and Dad a bit before that.  Peff left the day before that, but Teela, Merlin and Viola are still here. Needless to say, I feel delighted to see everyone, but way too busy. Too busy for yoga, too busy to read, and too busy for gardening.  It's obviously as issue, but the garden waits for no one, so I had the feeling of getting behind in addition to having low resources.

I was really frustrated with both girls yesterday as they keep leaving work or forgetting things when we have guests. They are apologetic, but they don't quite get it together. I took Leo to party in Briarwood after frantically making her contribution with her when Teela's family and my girls were late getting back to lunch.  It was literally a 15 minute turn around.  I drove all clenched, got home and ate junk food because I was exhausted (I haven't done that it months) and then snapped at Anwyn for the work she had not done when  I reminded her to in the morning.  By 2:45, I had dropped my second sad daughter off at a birthday party, and I had an hour at home alone before I had to pick Leo up. I'd like to say I can just tell my girls to do less with friends, but we have company for six weeks straight, then a week off as school starts before Jodi and Brad arrive. I'd be asking them to have no life of their own all summer long.

After both girls were gone, I didn't go outside in that hour before I had to pick Leo up. I organized the house mess and watched a bad movie, but it was silent, and I could slowly feel myself unclenching.  When I drove to pick up Leo, I looked at the green fields on my way, kept my windows open and thought about my yard. By the time I picked her up, I was ready to be out in it, and to relax.

Leo came out and chatted with me while I puttered about the front yard pulling weeds, pruning and picking. Mostly I just talked to my daughter and looked at my plant.  It felt great, like I was slowly being recharged.

Leo and I had a great evening together and I was asleep by 9.  I have picked peas, my first pumpkin, green peppers, baby orange peppers, herbs, beans (4 types), cucumbers, apples and tomatoes. But mostly I picked myself back up and enjoyed some time in my yard. There is nothing like the natural world for helping you make time and space in your mind.

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  1. I'm having a great time here in Canmore, but my heart goes out to you. I wish I could be helping with stuff around the house and getting you some time to relax. I'll be home soon.