Friday, July 3, 2009

Way off topic

Yesterday we completed work on switching the girls' rooms - yes, I know that has nothing to do with gardening, but it's what I've been spending my time on. When Leora first got the master bedroom from us, we promised Anwyn she'd get a crack at it a few years later. That time has come and the big switch was on.

On Monday I helped them each haul all their stuff into the other person's room. The deal was that I was not buying anything except new sheets, new summer blankets. I had not bought either since Anwyn was three and everything was beyond further mending so I felt fine about that. I did cave on a mirror for Leora since Anwyn had one and a rung for Anwyn since the hop scotch rug has seen better times.

I thought I had some of the blue paint from the bedroom left, but I didn't, so Leora and I concocted a paint by mixing various colours together. We didn't have quite enough, but Mike suggested we use some of the deep blue from the living room as an accent colour. On Wednesday, we spent 4 hours painting Leora's room, and on Thursday, we bought the linens. I think the whole thing turned out really well considering.

I still need to get the girls new twin mattresses. Theirs are second hand - we bought them at a pawn shop in Meadow Lake when Anwyn was about one and a half, and the mattresses really suck. Mike is watching Kiji for me in case some come up.

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