Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seeds are up

The tomato seeds I planted last Sunday are up.  At this point they have the two little false leaves plants get when they are starting, but I have a germinated seed in each plug, and often more than one.  I am excited about them. The squashes, of course, came up huge. They are already 7 cm tall, and will need to be put into pots part way through the week. Only the green onions are slow, but that is to be expected. I planted kohlrabi, beets and oregano today. They can all be started from seed here, but I start some early so that I spread out when I get to eat them.

The basil I transplanted has survived well and is growing sluggishly as basil does Saskatoon. Most of the plants have 4 leaves, even thought they were planted in February. That's the reason I plant a lot, as Mike could eat 2 cups of leaves a week without much effort.

Last summer when we were visiting Greta, Gus and Max in Ontario, we got to meet a family what also tries to do a little farming in the city. Their blog says they are already eating things growing in their greenhouse. We aren't there yet, but I was out in my greenhouse today and started unearthing pots for transplanting. The greenhouse was warm enough when the sun was on it that I was comfortable in a long sleeve shirt, but it is still freezing hard and night and there is 2 feet of snow on the ground around it.  Our cat, Pip, was out in the greenhouse with me sniffing for mice and loving up the hidden spots behind pots. Even though I could see winter out every window, I could feel spring inside. It's hard to believe I am only a month away from when my first plants were up last year, but I know it is coming.

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