Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thinning and transfer

This weekend we were gone to debate provincials in Regina and drove home late Saturday night. This morning we are all a little groggy after our 1am bedtime, and the girls and I sat by our sunny patio door when we woke up. We chatted lazily about Leora going to Nationals, games we like to play, things to read and, oh happiness, what would happen with the yard this year.  Less than an hour later the sun was gone and the 30 km an our wind was very cold. March continues to feel too much like February, but my little dreams of green sustain me.

Today I spent a half an hour working with my baby plants.  I cut lettuces for supper, potted my squash and peppers and did the last of my thinning. As my trays fill out and my flowers start to vine, I can picture exactly what each one will do and how much I will enjoy it. One tray of seedlings looks like salsa, pizza and bruchetta. Another is a wall of climbing flowers and edible blossoms.

I have started some of the square foot items I will eat early when the rest of the seeds germinate in the garden.  My early spinach, chard, beets and kohlrabi are all up and doing well.  Some of my pumpkins seem quite late and I may need to replant using this year's seeds instead of a package from 2 years ago. It doesn't really matter as I still have the promise of a good gardening year and lots of time before my plants can be out and growing.

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  1. I know we have been pretty busy this last week. I didn't want any loyal readers out there to miss this years sprouting happenings, so I'm linking to the most recent pictures of the grow table.