Saturday, April 2, 2011

In the Greenhouse

Today I was out in the greenhouse planting cold hardy greens in the unfrozen dirt (everything is still frozen outside). I planted spinach and cilantro in the south side and a little on the north side. I also planted some experimental green onions, although I think they will struggle to be ready on time.

As Pip and I were planting, I noticed that my garlic is already up just outside the greenhouse. I have never had it come up so quickly before, but this year I planted real planting garlic designed for my climate. It's pretty impressive, as the snow recedes and the garlic green resurface. They remind me of my iris that way. We had our first warm day (a high of 3 on Friday)!

The grow table continues to do well.  Mike has a fan going on it to prevent the plants getting to leggy. 

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