Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rainy days

Nearly 7 cm of rain, much of it over the last 4 days, have left us pretty water logged. I was able to get out briefly with the camera yesterday, but otherwise am feeling pretty house bound. I pity Anna and Ian, who had a cabin at Waskesiu this weekend.
Garden Aug 18 2009

I am excited that my new shade bed has taken so well, and we are eating so many veggies and fruits that I have little to by at the store. We are headed camping Thursday, and I think lots will ripen while I am gone. Tomatoes are producing at the rate of 3 a day even in the rain, and beans are plentiful.

I have been starting to look over varieties of tulips I might be interested in. It's fun to browse the various types. I'd like some pink and white in the back and yellow and orange in the front.

Next week I head back to school. I was in yesterday for a bit, but my boss' stuff is still all over my shared cubical so I was only able to do some things. I'm feeling like summer is almost gone and want to spend every possible moment in the yard.

Mike and I have experimented twice with Pat's reel mower (no motor). We'd like to go that direction for environmental reasons (note link has an agenda, but stats are similar elsewhere) and our mower is starting to die. I don't like the cutting job because it isn't as uniform, but I feel a lot better about the emissions. We are thinking about it now because fall is sale time for mowers.

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