Thursday, August 13, 2009

So much summer

Mike and I have been trying to polish off some of our summer projects now that summer is drawing to a close. We've been rained/blown out of the beach with Anna and Jodi and Brad have kept us happily occupied during their visit. As a result, we have gotten some work done but have more to do. Mike rebuilt the gate two days ago, and we've replaced the rotted boards on the deck.

Currently eating:
  • tomatoes (just starting)
  • ground cherries (tomatillos)
  • apples
  • green and yellow beans
  • peas
  • zucchini
  • spaghetti squash
  • spices
  • cucumber
  • lettuce
  • potatoes
  • beets
  • chard
  • kohlrabi
  • peppers

Using the square foot gardening technique, I get a meal portion for every couple of days rather than the huge amount I get in a row. I think I'll do even more next year.

I have not been please with the amount of edamame beans (soy) for the space they take, so I don't think I'll plant them again. I am also thinking about moving where I put various things next year. The tomatoes are doing really well in the front, so I'll put more there. I'll also put chard, spicy peppers (they are faster than bell peppers) and beans. In the green house, I'll grow basil and bell peppers over the summer. I think I'll use back trellis for peas and climbing beans, and move the cucumbers to the south square foot beds. Boy, you know you are a gardener when you are planning next year in the middle of this one. . .

Newly blooming includes sun flowers, columbine, obedient plant and stems on my gladiolus (they aren't open yet). A number of new day lilies, including a peach colored one, are blooming. I'd like to get some more pinks and maroons in both types of lilies.

My mom emailed me that my bulbs are in the mail. She'd sending narcissus, daffodils and hyacinth. I'm going to buy myself a few more types of tulips - I'm pretty boring with the bulbs and basically have red tulips.


  1. I can't believe your tomatoes are starting! Mine are still green :(

  2. Don't worry Anna, only a few slightly damaged tomatoes are ripening to hasten their likelyhood of reproducing. If we would get a little sun, we would have some real action within the week, though.

  3. @jamesgirl patience, my love. More bulbs are not immediately necessary.

  4. Oh Captain, my Captain, bulbs are always necissary. . .

  5. Nice to see you buttering me up a bit.