Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Starting Harvest

It has been a really busy week. We were gone Thursday to Monday camping in Alberta and James looked after the cats and yard for us while we were gone. Mike got to climb Bow Peak, the girls had their first horse back ride and we even had a tourist day at West Edmonton Mall Waterpark. When we got home, we found a a delightful harvest waiting for us.

The fall crops are starting to be ripe and we picked 3 pumpkins, lots of potatoes and carrots, tomatoes, beans, 20 liters of apples, cucumbers, peas and kohlrabi. We had so much zucchini that Mike made cake and 4 loaves of bread with it and we still had to freeze 12 cups. I am pleased to see the raspberries still producing (that alone shows how behind our whole gardening year has been) and the fall crop of strawberries has been bountiful. We are at seven spaghetti squash and counting. The best part is that we have been eating meal after meal of fresh produce and haven't even gone for groceries this week.

Unfortunately, my watermelon prediction has been accurate. The watermelon never made it past fist sized. Mike was sad to discover his potatoes in his special box have done no better that his garden potatoes. he is pretty sad. Our online reading doesn't really tell us why, but I have a guess. According to much of what we read, too much of the green stuff peaked over our dirt (it is supposed to be less than an inch). We'll see if Mike tries it again next year.

Our pumpkin vine on the south side got the same white mold that the peas do and we pulled it - the one in the garden is still doing well. I am really pleased with the purple beans as they have a great flavor. I am also really excited by the shear volume of peppers we have this year!

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