Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blooms Begin

Well, we are just a few days from planting our garden over the May long-weekend and I am very excited about the myriad of blooms in my yard. Last weekend I put in a few annuals to liven things up, but in 30 degree spell of this week, many of my perennials came into bloom. Mike made a collage for me!

The late frost seems to have had some casualties, especially my snowcrop, lots of strawberry plants, and many of the hyacinths I planted in the fall. However, we are eating asparagus, spinach, cilantro, mint, and oregano. My big excitement is that the peppers I seeded very early are now setting fruit.

Currently in flower:
  • tulips
  • phlox
  • chives
  • clematis (just starting, purple)
  • cherry
  • saskatoon
  • blueberry
  • johnny-jump up
I am a little nervous about the cucumbers and peppers I planted last weekend. I should have hardened them off more, as the cucumbers are getting fried in the heat. I may need to put aside my principles and by cucumber bedding plants.

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