Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rain and Rhubarb

Rain, rain and more rain. Saskatoon set a record for rainfall these last two months - nearly twice what we would usually get in April and May. As a result, my newly planted tomatoes have ugly orange spots. The 70 km/hr winds have rendered them vertical. I guess I should be glad I put them in two days after the hail.

The only upside has been the rhubarb. I harvested nearly 10 cups yesterday and today in the brief times when it was not raining. I also mowed my lawn, and stared forlornly at my garden. Nothing is sprouting, at the works have fallen out of the trees and eaten the spinach and chard I had growing. Sigh. On the down side, we are schedule for frost tomorrow night.  :-(

Currently blooming:

  • orange poppies
  • anemones
  • birds-eye clematis
  • lily-of-the-valley
  • bleeding heart
  • white columbine
  • yellow iris
  • chives
  • phlox (bright pink)


  1. The tomato plants look really leggy and have brown and red spots all over the leaves. May be replacing those...

  2. Yes, that is always sad when you have been growing them since March.