Monday, May 24, 2010

Planting Weekend Ramble

The May long weekend is the traditional plating weekend for all Sask. gardeners. Theoretically it is our last frost date, although in my experience it often isn't. Last year it snowed after the May long weekend - but if you don't plant then, it's hard to get off many crops. So as per usual, the long weekend was full of things to do.

We did most of our plating Friday night, as we needed to get a head start on Sat. The forecast for the majority of the weekend was ominous - pouring rain and wind gusts 50-70 km/hr. Since we now use a square foot gardening technique, cold hard crops had been partially planted and some things will also wait. That helped us get most things in either Friday night or Saturday morning before the rain started.We also pulled up another chunk of lawn in the front to make way for even more front yard crops and also packed up the grow table as it finished for the season last week. Saturday morning while Mike was out at his parents, the girls and I did an hour round trip bike out Clarence to visit some friends and talk debate. They had baby kittens and a trampoline, so the trip was complained about during the biking and enjoyed during the visiting.

Sunday we had a TV day. We have been on this max 5 hrs per week plan for 6 weeks or so, and one the rewards for the girls was a day of video gaming for the girls. I must admit I enjoyed the day (although I played no video games). I did a bit of work, had Erin and Jamie over for tea, read a novel, cooked some nice meals and watched a movie. For an introvert, a great day of relaxation, facilitated by howling winds and sheeting rain that drove me out of the yard.

Monday we did the last of the main planting and transplanting (I still have a few bedding plants and half my gladiola bulbs to put in next weekend) and I did a lot of weeding. We also  took the girls on a picnic. It was not dry enough for a blanket, but it was still nice out so we were able to played catch, make homemade lemonade, bake muffins and bread, and generally have a fun family day. I was able to cycle three loads through the clothesline - which was good considering all the rain.

I spent an hour laying in the yard reading, and enjoying my flowers. When I made eggs this morning, I cut in chives and oregano from the yard, which was delicious. I picked lily of the valley and enjoyed the iris that opened up (my double yellows). Soon the lilacs will be blooming. Happy me.

As I look back through this post I see that my version of a relaxing, weekend ramble reads a bit like a to do list. Hmmm. Might need to work on that, as it is a trait I always complain about in my parents. Too much hypocrisy is always an issue when you are writing it down. There is probably a way to blame it all on Mike - he was doing bike tune ups and finishing the piano bench, so no doubt this will be his fault if I think about it some more. . .

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